Why people hate politics and "PACs"

Why People Hate Politics

Millions of dollars are being laundered and spent all over Florida by a network of Political Action Committees (PACs) on vicious, often dishonest advertising that is designed to do nothing but smear candidates.

The money comes from a variety of special interests, including “Big Sugar,” but Big Sugar is hardly the only source of funding for these nasty ads and mailers.

The law prohibits campaigns from coordinating with PACs, but anyone who can add 2+2 and come up with “4” as an answer can see what’s going on. 

The law also requires that all political advertising identify the source of that advertising – and if it’s from a candidate, her or his name must appear on it.

If you see advertising that does not clearly identify a candidate – by her or his name– as its sender, it is most likely the dirty work of one of these PACs.

Do not let yourself be influenced by these under-handed, un-democratic tactics.

Maressa Levy