On the Issues

Improve Healthcare for Floridians

As a Senator in Tallahassee, Rob will use his firsthand knowledge of our healthcare system to lower premiums and expand Medicaid to cover more Floridians.

When special interest groups convinced their hand-picked Tallahassee politicians to reject Medicaid expansion, it kept 800,000 Floridians from getting healthcare, prevented our hospitals and nursing homes from getting desperately needed resources, and denied high-paying jobs to Florida’s families. As your State Senator, Rob will fight every day to bring affordable healthcare home to our community.

Strengthen Schools & State Colleges

The Florida Legislature has been waging a two-decade war on public education and our teachers, and we must work to protect our public schools from special interests and for-profit charter schools. Each year, legislators in Tallahassee have underfunded our state colleges, including our own Indian River State College.

Rob cares deeply about the  public schools here on the Treasure Coast, and we need to provide both teachers and students with the tools for success. As your State Senator, Rob will work to increase funding to our pivotal state colleges, which have been undervalued by Tallahassee, even as they serve an ever-increasing number of students. He will be a champion for Florida’s teachers and our children, and work to expand access to college, vocational education programs and apprenticeship programs.



Protect the Indian River Lagoon & Florida’s Natural Resources

Rob is running to protect our waterways and to preserve Florida’s natural treasures for our kids. Treasure Coast residents can rest assured that they have a true environmental advocate in Rob, not a politician posturing during an environmental crisis.

Even though SB-10 has been signed into law, Rob is concerned that Tallahassee will turn on this important project. As your State Senator, Rob will ensure the reservoir is built as intended, bringing all stakeholders to the table to work together to repair and protect our local ecosystem. Rob will refuse special interest money so he can go to Tallahassee and fight not for donors, but for the interests of Treasure Coast residents who make their living on our waterways and the thousands of tourists who visit our home.

Treasure Coast residents will have a true environmental advocate in me, not a politician posturing during an environmental crisis.

Better Jobs for the Treasure Coast

Too many local families are working long hours for low wages, and many people are working two or three jobs to make ends meet. In Tallahassee, Rob will be a crusader for our working and middle class and will support an increase in the minimum wage. He fully supports expanding paid family leave, and will work hard to ensure equality for all people, regardless of their gender, race or LGBTQ status. Nobody working full time should live paycheck to paycheck.