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For Florida State Senate District 25

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Dr. Rob Levy

Dr. Rob Levy is a 35-year resident of Martin County, as well as a physician and small businessman. He established the first primary care center in Port St. Lucie in 1983, which had grown to a multi-site practice with 18 physicians by 1990. Although he sold his practice in 1997, he remains invested in the medical community as a volunteer physician with Volunteers in Medicine, and as a member of one of the Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Teams.

Meet Rob

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Dear Friends,

When I entered the race as a political newcomer, I assumed there would be nothing to attack me on. After decades as a physician, no patient had ever sued me. I’d never been arrested or accused of assault or harassment. As a businessman, I’d conducted my affairs in a way I was proud of.

My campaign advisors warned me that the truth doesn’t matter to special interests funding attacks. Since the last election, the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is funding the attacks against me, has taken in $242,153.85 from US Sugar, $70,000 from Florida Crystals and $180,950 from Florida Power and Light. What’s Big Sugar’s top political priority in 2018? Elect crony Gayle Harrell and deprive the Treasure Coast of a true environmentalist in the State Senate. We won’t even be able to see data for spending or donors past August until after the election, so there’s no telling how much they are throwing in attack ads against me. Hypocritically, Rep. Harrell has also accused opposing candidates in the past of taking money from special interests.

Special interests try to connect me to Sal Meglin, an investor who took back a mortgage on a sale of a property over 20 years before he was convicted of any wrongdoing. I never had any personal or professional relationship with him. Mailers would paint a picture that I sold a home to a poor senior couple, deceiving them that it was on sewer when it was on septic. The truth left out was I sold that commercial building to a mortgage company, not a home, which is the responsibility of the buyer to check. Later, the case was dismissed for lack of merit. They highlight traffic tickets totaling $800 over 45 years as evidence I am a “habitual criminal.” The truth doesn’t matter to Gayle Harrell and the special interests backing her.

For Rep. Harrell, this is politics as usual. When Crystal Lucas ran against her in 2016, US Sugar rushed to her rescue, falsely attacking Lucas as personally polluting the water with another questionable-at-best ad. In 2010, Gayle Harrell’s ads to unseat Adam Fetterman after her failed congressional campaign were called “the most negative campaign this side of the governor's race”and “worthy of a Saturday Night Live skit” according to TCPalm.

Rep. Harrell’s record shows little accomplishment after nearly two decades in power. She claims as her chief “accomplishment,” Florida Forever, which was actually a statewide Constitutional Amendment passed by 75% by the voters of Florida that mandated the Florida legislature set aside 33% of net revenue from the existing excise tax to the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to buy, manage and restore natural systems and to enhance public access and recreational use of conservation lands. The state legislature that Harrell was a part of gutted these funds against the will of the voters. I want to go to Tallahassee and change this toxicity, to get something done, not to be beholden to sugar and special interests. And unlike Rep. Harrell, if I can’t fix it, I won’t keep asking you to send me back.

Please read more about my platform to fix the major issues facing our district below, and I greatly appreciate your vote through Vote by Mail, Early Voting (going on now) or on Election Day, November 6th. Click here for more voting information.


Dr. Rob Levy, Candidate, State Senate District 25

I’m running to put people first. I’ll work across the aisle to offer smart solutions that save money — like investing in healthcare and expanding Medicaid.

On the Issues

On Healthcare

As a physician, Dr. Rob Levy believes that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. As your State Senator, he will fight every day to bring affordable healthcare to our community.

On the River

Dr. Rob Levy is running to protect our waterways and natural treasures from further damage. As your State Senator, Dr. Levy will ensure that the reservoir is built as former Senator Negron intended, and work with key stakeholders to repair and protect our local ecosystem.

On Education

The Florida Legislature has been waging a two-decade war on public education and our teachers, and we must work to protect our public schools from special interests and for-profit charter schools. Dr. Levy will be a champion for Florida’s teachers and our children, and work to expand access to college and our vocational education and apprenticeship programs.

On Jobs

In Tallahassee, Dr. Rob Levy will be a crusader for our working and middle class and will support an increase in the minimum wage. He fully supports expanding paid family leave, and will work hard to ensure equality for all people, regardless of their gender, race, or LGBTQ status.